Getting your case dismissed is our top priority.

Our Vision

To be the company of choice that sets standards and provides reputable and best value-add services in the legal and forensic domains within South Africa and internationally.

Our Mission

“ Encouraging Innovation as Key Element to our Company’s DNA ”

“ Delivering Efficient & Accurate High Value Legal and Forensic Services”

“ Providing Clients with Real Value Through a Long-Term, Mutually Beneficial Partnership”

“ Encouraging the Aggressive Use of Technology in Optimising Service Delivery, Cost-Effectiveness and Security for Clients

Always Pushing Boundaries to Yield Dynamic and Exciting Results.”

Working With Excellent Attorneys

Skills Transfer

We ensure that skills and competencies applied by our consultants and employees are transferred to your staff as appropriate.

Quality Assurance

The sustained ‘zero-tolerance’ application of our quality control system is a cornerstone of our success


We also continue to form partnerships and alliances with influential role-players within the industry

Practice Areas

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