Assessment and Monitoring

EBLFS’s Monitoring Unit is highly specialised in collecting, analysing and reporting data on inputs, activities, outputs, outcomes, impacts and external factors in a way that supports effective management. Our monitoring processes aim to provide client management, decision makers and other stakeholders with regular feedback on progress, implementation, results and early indicators of problems which need to be corrected as per their business operations. It usually reports on actual performance against plans in place and expectations.

Our evaluation model is an innovative and periodic exercise that seeks to provide credible and useful information to answer specific questions to guide decision making processes for clients. EBLFS’s evaluation usually assesses relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, impact and sustainability. We also offer impact evaluation that further examines underlying valid theories and assumptions, failures successes and future trends. Our evaluation methods can also be used to extract cross-cutting lessons from operating units’ experiences to determine the need for modifications of strategic results and frameworks.