Investigation and Forensic

EBLFS uses optimal information and source networks in pre-empting and curbing incidents that may cause severe asset or property damage and huge loss of resources (especially financial) to corporate or other major clients. Our investigative approach therefore takes two forms:

Proactive Investigations: Our strategies are synergised with those of our extensive network of associates to carry out accurate research and analysis aimed at achieving reliable and excellent results. Our proactive investigations are further divided into discreet and non-discreet systems.

Reactive Investigation: We utilise Information-Driven Operations (IODs) to gather advanced data on operations that threaten corporate security, assets and well-being. Consequently, we offer timely interventions in halting any perceived or existing challenges and thereby, minimise financial or asset loss.

Whether you are reviewing an internal applicant or scouting the international recruitment markets for a new hire, EBLFS can provide:

  • Criminal record checks;
  • Credit references;
  • Bankruptcy and insolvency checks;
  • Educational qualification verification; and
  • Regulatory body association checks.